Cash For Junk Cars NJ Picks Up a Classic

Cash For Junk Cars NJ Picks Up Old School Chevy Impala in Newark, NJ

Cash For Junk Cars NJ received a call from Rudy who was looking to get rid of their 75 Chevy impala but was facing challenges when trying to sell it using craigslist and eBay. Rudy did a simple search on Google looking for cash for junk car buyer and came across Junk Cars For Cash NJ Company.
cash for junk cars NJ

The car Rudy was trying to sell was still in decent condition and was driveable so we offered him a quote for $700. Rudy was more than thrilled to get rid of his car and get cash on the spot. Sammy who is a licensed tower came out to pick up the car within 1 hour of Rudy giving us a call.

Luckily Rudy was located in Newark which is fairly close to Orange where we are based at. Rudy mentioned after doing some research online he found our company to have the best reviews of the rest. We pride our selves in providing the fastest service and also paying the most cash in New Jersey for junk cars.

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Cash For Junk Cars NJ Picks Up an Old School Caddy

Cash For Junk Cars NJ Pickup of the Day

cash for junk cars njcash for junk cars njCash For Junk Cars NJ

The white stallion picked up an old school Cadillac from one of our Facebook fans.

We are paying customers Cash For Junk cars in NJ. Feel free to call us for an instant quote.

We are looking forward to paying you the most cash for your junk car New Jersey.


Cash For Junk Cars NJ also Sells Quality Used Cars!

cash for junk cars nj

Not only do we pay customers Cash for Junk Cars in NJ, but we also sell high quality Used cars. For any inquires on any of the used cars you see on the truck feel free to call 862-520-1711. The truck loaded up 9 Used cars that we purchased at an exclusive auction in CT. Give us a call today and test drive your next Car!


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5 Tips to Getting Cash For Junk Cars in NJ


cash for junk cars nj

You might be considering junking your car but you also want to make sure you make the right decision. This blog has you in mind for I will be breaking down 5 simple tips to follow if you want to sell you junk car in NJ.

  1. Cut Expenses: Off the bat you will be cutting your insurance bill, gas, registration fees, parking fees, I can keep going if you want but you get the point. Get rid of the headache of owning a Junk Car
  2. One Less Hassle: At the moment, that thing probably just sits in your driveway or parked on the street, serving only to stress you out and cost you money. What am I gonna do with that hunk of junk? The solution: sell your junk car today.
  3. It’s Free: The common misconception is that customers must pay the tower once they come and pickup the vehicles. This is false because Cash For Junk Cars NJ tows away your vehicles at no charge.
  4. Help the environment: By scrapping your car through Junk Cars For Cash NJ Company your helping reuse parts of the vehicle that would otherwise corrode over time and go to waste. metal recycling services reuse the scrap parts so that they are used for longer, helping the environment get more out of the lifetime of the metal.
  5. Get Paid: Last but not least is Getting PAID!!! That is one of the main reasons why you might want to junk your car. You might need some extra cash for bills, shopping, whatever it is we’ve got you covered since we pay the most in NJ for unwanted junk cars.

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Happy holidays from Junk Cars For Cash NJ Company

Where to sell my junk car NJ?

Perfect place and time to sell junk car NJ.

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Cash For Junk Cars NJ Holds a Viral Contest on Facebook!

Cash For Junk Cars NJ  wanted to make things interesting and decided to run a contest on Facebook. We uploaded this picture and told viewers to come up with the best “Caption”

cash for junk cars nj

We received plenty of captions on our Facebook Page.

This one stood out !

Meet November Baskerville

cash for junk cars nj

::Her Winning Quote::

junk car removal nj

This is CLASSIC! We had to make sure this caption was rewarded…..

We like to get our community and audience involved through social media.

Facebook has become a great way for us to connect and interact with our community.

We are thinking of running a new contest very soon, so keep your eyes glued for details Here.

Happy New Years To all!


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The White Stallion Picks up Ambulance – Junk Cars For Cash NJ Company


junk cars for cash nj

Getting Cash For Junk Cars is quite simple when dealing with a reputable business such as Junk Cars For Cash NJ Company. We like to give our customers the best prices for their unwanted junk vehicles. We are known to pay out the most in NJ, so don’t waste your time getting low offers from competitors. Give us a call today for an instant quote and Free towing!


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recycle your junk car New Jersey

Get cash for your junk cars in NJ

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Cash For Junk Cars NJ Photo Clip Of The Day

Cash For Junk Cars NJ Photo of The Day!

We Found an interesting photo on the web an thought it would make a good post for the Junk Cars For Cash NJ Company Blog Check it out!

Cash For Junk Cars NJ

We Asked People on our Facebook Page

“If you can put a caption on this photo, What would it be?”

My Personal Caption would be

“Stuntman Fails to Clear The Fence But Successfully Brings Down Power Lines #Hangtime”

We are holding a content on our FB page, Whoever comes up with the funniest caption for the image get a paypal prize.

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Satisified Customer Working With Junk Cars For Cash NJ Company

Junk Cars For Cash NJ Company

“Featured Customer of the Day”

Jeff V decided to call us today to get a quote on this vehicle.

junk cars for cash in nj

Bad Transmission, Back seats stripped out, pretty much has been sitting for the past 6 months! What Can we Possibly offer Him????

1 Hour Later After We Sent Our Tow Truck Driver To His Location…….

junk cars for cash in nj

Jeff is Now $400 Richer! After calling different companies he was glad to work out the best deal with Junk Cars For Cash NJ Company

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Beware of Water-Damaged Used Cars in Sandy’s Wake

View image detailA few big name insurance companies are warning consumers about potentially falling into the scam of dealers selling flooded cars from hurricane sandy.It’s unfortunate that people are falling victim to this already. Amica Insurance release a press release last week explaining a few tips to help customers determine whether a car had water damage or not.

“Salvage operators and dealers may try to conceal the fact that a car has been damaged,” said Shannon O’Brien, an Amica Insurance assistant vice president, “leaving potential buyers as potential victims of a bad deal.”

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